Girls Traveling to Ischia

Ischia. After traveling via train and ferry (with a stop in Naples), we finally made it to Ischia, where we stayed for the next 3 nights. The day couldn’t have been better with blue skies and lots of sunshine. Our hotel (Poggio Del Sol http://www.hotelpoggiodelsole.com/) was quite a hike up the mountain, and our legs and glutes were feeling it by the end of the trip, but the view was well worth all the trips up and down the mountain. The hotel staff were wonderful and at 60 euro a night, it was a great deal. nce we got settled, we set off to explore the island. We wore ourselves out from all the walking and were disappointed to find that most of the restaurants don’t open until 7pm or 8pm. Fortunately, we found a place that opened at 6:45pm and arrived with hunger-stricken faces. I finally got a real Italian meal – linguine with muscles in a light tomato and wine sauce. It was delicious. We managed to clean ourselves up and get in a nap before having a fantastic dinner at our hotel’s restaurant. The mom and dad who own the place are the cooks and made the incredible dishes. Katharine had gnocchi with fresh basil and pesto from their garden and I had a whole piece of sea bass. We were in heaven and in complete relaxation….the wine probably helped as well. 1/2 carafe’s of vino at 4 euro is one deal we didn’t pass up.

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Ischia Hotel Poggio del Sole (Hotel of the Sunny Hill) is a cosy, charming, family-owned and operated hotel at the foot of Mount Epomeo on the beautiful Italian Island of Ischia. The hotel is perfectly positioned for quiet and peaceful afternoons spent gazing at the panorama of lush greenery, dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue waters and is walking distance from both the center of Forio and the sea. Hotel Poggio del Sole provides everything you might need to make your vacation perfect: comfortable rooms with unlimited views of the Mediterranean sea, pool, solarium, internal parking and most of all the warm hospitality of the owners and staff. When you leave your only desire will be to return soon!